Members wifes socks for sale worn after hike

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One of our members on the GIS forum has put up pictures of his wife’s socks which were worn while hiking. If your interested check out the pictures and the ebanned account where you can purchase them. He is a trusted member and can assure you this is the real deal :)

You must register on the forum to access the post of the socks: Click Here

You must register on ebanned to view/purchase the socks: Click Here

DawnAvril Exposed

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Dawn Avril has her own new website, there’s some great sock videos and images on her site along with Live Shows she performs for her members. She’s an incredibly hot punky type girl who actually has a bit of a sock fetish. Check her website out to get an idea of what she’s all about!

Dawn Avril in Socks, banging, sucking, and performing live shows for you

Tiffany Doll gives a sock job blow job

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You don’t see many of these around, a smokin’ hot girl giving a sock job AND  a blow job at the same time. That’s one skilled gal! Sorry for the buffering on the video, if you click through the link you could get your self a fancy no-waiting, high-def, tons of sock fetish video membership!


Download the full movie with no waiting and in HIGH-DEF here


Yvette’s Sock job!

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It’s always fucking awesome when HLAF puts out a new sock job video, because they’re always the highest quality and the fucking best!  Said fuck twice in one sentence, that’s how excited I am for this. So yes, Yvette has some awesome orange socks on gives the old hammer a sockjob. Daaayyuuummm. Enjoy.

Yes! You CAN download the FULL movie in HD

sock job

The Footgirls – Marinka and Vera!

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Marinka and Vera loves her feet. They tickle, lick and smell her feet each other. Marinka get sweaty feet in her sneakers. Her socks are smelly and Vera love her worn socks! To get this pics, look here or join is as member at

Sock Fetish Community