Nataly gets railed in knee high socks

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Hope you all enjoy this one, it’s 5 minutes long and more hardcore than what is normally posted here at GIS. Please rate this post by giving it 1 to 5 stars and/or a thumbs up or down. That way I know whether you guys want more if this type of stuff. I think it’s pretty damn hot, she’s hot, the socks are hot. Damn! Ohyea, this is taken from a website called Hot Teens Get Fucked. Some pretty great socked girls on this site getting…you guessed it.. fucked!

Socked teens, getting railed!

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Barbie texts her bf while socks sniffed

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Barbie here has her shoes taken off and sniffed while she’s texting her boyfriend. This is a clip from Part 1 of 3 videos available to download off of Goddesses Footboy. A very awesome site by the way.

Barbie and other babes force sock smelling!

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Violent Vixen demands sock attention

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I’ve got some amazing stuff from Goddesses Footboy and had to share it. This website has the best in sock/foot women dominating men by making them worship they’re smelly socks and feet. They’ll talk down to you and force men to do whatever they want. Violent Vixen will drive you nuts by how forceful she can be with those sexy smelly socked feet. Enjoy the clip, the website is full is absolutely amazing sock and foot content of extremely hot girls.

Exclusive forced sock worship videos


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Here’s a few minutes of Elisa’s pantyhose and her teasing the hell out of us. Love when she finally takes those nice shoes off.

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Candy Camo socks and sockjob

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Hey hey GIS members and guests, glad to see you guys are still coming back even though I buggered off for a month. I was very busy with school, I didn’t forget about this place! I’ve got this awesome video of Candy giving a sock job in her camo socks, very hot stuff. I could only get the first 3 minutes of the total 15 or so. Get the full video, it’ll blow your pants off.

Camo Sock Job by Candy – Full Video Here

Brandy and Regina

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So this is a pretty awesome video, especially if your into the socks getting a little paint on them. It gets messy and hot. The video in HDV is 15 minutes long and really good. Also I just found out about this deal today, you can get 10 sites from DDF including the famous Hot legs and feet for the same price as just getting a membership to one of the 10 right now. Check it out here, it’s one hell of a steal and if your interested I’d suggest jumping on it right now while the opportunity is here.

10 sites for the price of 1

The Kasia black socks show

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First off I’m sorry for being slow on the updates around here, I hope this hot set of Kasia in her black socks makes up for it. These images are really big so please be patient while they load. They’re much faster to load the full videos and image sets on Kasia’s own site.

All Kasia, All Here

Jannah thigh high black socks

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All I have to say is “WOW!” about Jannah. She’s incredibly stunning in those black thigh high socks, damn is she ever hot. Check out the gallery of Jannah and if your into her, why not check out Face Down Ass up University for more of Jannah and tons of other hot girls like Makenzie, Kasia, and many more.

Hottest site with tons of school girls wearing SOCKS

Sock Fetish Community