Makenzie plays video games

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This video is awesome, Makenzie is such a cute innocent girl. She’s in school and lets her friend take videos and pictures once in awile for us.  He convinces her to take her clothes off and show us her boobs and pussy. All while she keeps those sexy white knee high socks on. The full length video in HD in available on FDAU.

reminder: You can fullscreen these videos on GIS by hitting the button in between the volume and loading percentage bar.

Full Videos of Makenzie and other school girls in socks

New addition coming to GIS

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Hello sock lovers, Just wanted to give you a heads up on whats happening with Girls In Socks. We’ll soon have a new addition to the forum. Goddess Elizabeth aka Mommiesfeet will have her very own section on the Girls In Socks forum. Check back here frequently to get the latest updates on whats to come! By the way, if you don’t already know who Goddess Elizabeth is, (aka mommiesfeet) the image of the beautiful women wearing socks on our forum is her!

So make sure you check here to keep up to date on the latest in the sock fetish world! Brought to you by the best, Girls In Socks.


Teen Kasia and her white tights

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I know I’m steering away from the regular sock fetish in this post, but when Teen Kasia has a new set out, it’s always worth posting regardless of what it is. So today you’ll see her barefeet, which I think absolutely amazing, long toes and I’m guessing maybe size 8.5 feet. Very amazing! Kasias website is hottest one I’ve seen yet, no joke.

Teen Kasia Socks, Barefeet, Everything.


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