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The Footgirls – Marinka and Vera!

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Marinka and Vera loves her feet. They tickle, lick and smell her feet each other. Marinka get sweaty feet in her sneakers. Her socks are smelly and Vera love her worn socks! To get this pics, look here http://www.hotfeets.com/pics_girl-000206-Marinka.html or join is as member at http://www.powerfeets.com

White worn socks and sneakers

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Nina shows you her really worn out nike sneaker socks. She really loves those socks and wears them whenever she can. Thats why they look really worn out by now. Just out of Ninas favourite sneakers they spread a really cool flavour. Thats paradise for all socks and sneaker loving ones. All pics are also available for 1 month-flat ( or join is as member at http://www.powerfeets.com

Licking nylons and sweaty feet at home (german)

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Marinka and Vera have dressed up super sexy for the Shooting. In underwear and nylons they show in front of the camera. Marinka is wearing pink stockings. Vera is wearing a skin-colored pantyhose. The two cuddle together on the sofa and smell at her feet. Then they pull each other out of the nylons. Vera puts her tongue between Marinkas toes and licks the wet feet. Check out http://www.hotfeets.com/clips_girl-000207-Vera.html for videos and http://www.hotfeets.com/pics_girl-000207-Vera.html for pics.

Marinka und Vera stellen sich vor …

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Marinka und Vera sind zwei Mädels, die gerne ihre Füße, Socken und Schuhe zeigen.
Marinkas Füße schwitzen recht schnell. Die beiden stellen sich und ihre Vorlieben in einem kurzen Videoclip vor. Bei hotfeets http://www.hotfeets.de/marinka-vera.html findest Du einige tolle Clips und Bilder von den beiden.

Changing shoes while jogging (Marinka & Vera)

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Vera sits on the sports field. After a while she meets a sweet, young athlete. It is Marinka. Marinka jogs here since a few days back often. Marinka is so sexy that Vera calling her. Marinka are still puzzled and asks what she want. Vera makes her a couple of compliments. She also tells her that she finds her jogging shoes totally cool. Marinka is curious to know what this is about. Vera is hot to take off Marinkas shoes and socks and their feet look. Finally, the two still exchange their shoes and want to meet again soon. A super sexy Videoclip!

Marinka and Vera Video clip here

White Sneakersocks (Cinderella)

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Cinderella shows you her worn socks and cute toes and sexy soles.

Power Feets

Lisa Caprice and Rihanna Samuel…sexy socks?

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Here’s the lovely Lisa and Rihanna getting pretty hot and horny with both of them turning each other on with their sexy socks. Awesome video, sexy girls. Do yourself a favour and check out the hot legs and feet website, it’s only $3.48 per day for a 2 day trial. You’ll see a ridiculous amount of stuff.

sexy socks, high def videos, over 1000+ girls..

Babsi and two day worn black socks

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Wowww, So happy I found this website Footlovegirls. They’ve got some excellent sock fetish content with some really hot girls. Some of these girls wear their socks more than just one day at a time, like Babsi here for example. Check out these pics here and take a peak and FootLoveGirls. An awesome site you shouldn’t be missing out on.

FootLoveGirls – Socks, Nylons, Lots!