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Monika and Dorina…Wow!

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I was searching through Hot Legs and Feet and found this movie I thought you guys HAD to see. I had to cut it down significantly, but I’m still given a 3 minute freebie here. I really recommend if anyone wants the best foot fetish and lots of excellent sock fetish movies and images, this is honestly the best place to go in my opinion. I tried to reserve as much quality in this clip as possible, without having my server pounded to hard. Enjoy all!

…P.S sorry for having such a large gap in between postings. Been a little busy with a few things, I’ll do better to get back on the regular 3 day postings. Maybe more?

Entire 25 minute video below…Available Here…Plus more!

April gives a face full of sock

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Mistress April loves smothering her sweaty socks on the face of her slave. I like how you can tell April really enjoys putting her socks in this guys face, it’s more enjoyable to look at. Good for her, solid sock girl. If you want tons of sock fetish content like April here, videos and more images then take a look at Sock Slaves.

Sock domination videos

tube socks domination

Vicky and Lola mess around and play with each others socks

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So I was rootin around the Hot Legs and Feet members area and found this vid. It’s 19 minutes long in total but here’s the first 2 mins I cut out for you guys. The quality I’m hosting isn’t anywhere near what it is on their website though. Check it out! Vicky is the blonde one, hotttt.

Try the HLAF 2 day trial and watch some sock videos

Vicky and Lola in sock playing fun

Kasia red socks and cherries

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Hey GIS viewers, I’m back. Thought I’d post a little clip of one of my favourites Kasia. Pretty fun little video to watch. Hope you all enjoy :)

Kasia’s Own site!

Teen? White socks? Big boobs?

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Do I need to say more? Pixie Pillows (Yes it is a pretty odd name) delivers what us sock fetish lovers, love. A damn cute girl wearing damn cute socks. You know she’s a legit teen because you can see her braces…well they’re not actually braces, they’re like semi braces. Whatever it’s called, she’s super hot looking in all these photos. I pulled these off of Sock Sorority. Those girls are just too cute.

Cute Socked Teens…

Exchange student Kasia

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I found this awesome little video of Kasia, she does some pretty incredible things in this one. All while keeping her socks on. This is a pretty risky video, she does everything outside! See the HD full video at Kasia’s very own website.

Full HD movies of Kasias and her socks on, among other things