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Sarah’s cute socks

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This clip gets a little slow to get into, but it’s an awesome one. Sarah is really hot and her videos are really good. The full video is like 7 or 8 minutes I believe. Here’s the first 3.

Full movies and downloads

Stephanie from FDAU

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It’s always nice to see what the girls at FDAU are up too. Still being sexy as we can all see. Stephanie works those white socks quite well I must say. Click on that image to see the full image gallery, all high resolution images. But it even gets better once you get in the members area of FDAU.

High resolutions videos and images of Hot FDAU Girls

Tiffany school girl outfit

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Here’s a quick introduction for Tiffany Teen, she’s one of the many extremely hot members of FDAU. Along with Kasia, Makenzie… there’s just too many of them to list. So click through this image to get to the good stuff. Enjoy those little school girl socks and cute shoes.

Loads of socked teens at FDAU

Kasia is the hottest sock girl Ever

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So Kasia has done it again, this gallery I think is actually the hottest one yet from Teen Kasia. I don’t know what you think though, vote using those little stars under this post to show what you think of this set. If your a member of Kasia’s site you’ll be in heaven right now.

Sexiest Sock Girl Kasia


Russian girl loves her white socks

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Rose is girl straight from Russia, she doesn’t speak much english but if given the chance, she’s the type of girl who would love to shove her socks in your face and force you to smell them. I love these russian sock girls. Enjoy Rose’s stuff, remember all the good stuff is on hot legs and feet. See the tour today!

Sexiest Sock Girls